Hair styles for Ellen

Hair styles for Ellen


Your face shape is just one element in determining the hair styles that will suit you. The type of hair you have (thickness and texture) as well as your personality, lifestyle and the time you have to style your hair each morning will all need to be taken into consideration if the end result is to be successful. Be sure to discuss your lifestyle and time constraints with your stylist before making a decision.

The aim is to visually shorten the face and add width.


- Styles need to have volume at the top of the head and width at the sides, (in the area of the cheekbones).
- The width should taper in, from the cheek line to the nape of the neck.
- The sides should be off your face.
- Styles need to have softness and be natural looking. This may be created by curls or layers.
- Hair is best at mid-length.
- Long hair needs to be full at the neck or shoulderline.
- Avoid; height only, long straight hair, centre parts, very short styles and hair that flicks around from the back of your neck.


- Apply a dark shade of foundation at the hairline around the forehead and just under and over the chin.
- Apply blush high on the cheekbones at the outer third of the eye and blend toward the temples.
- Apply a small amount of blush to the centre of the chin and blend.


- Apply a small amount of blush to the centre of the chin and blend.


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